With no memories of it ever raining, and palm trees as far as the eye could see, there’s no wonder that Spain in the 1970s epitomised all things exotic to a young Denise Nuttyen. Sparking a lifelong curiosity for the unknown Denise has continued to seek out new experiences at every opportunity, constantly finding inspiration in the exuberance and colour of far flung places.

From Spains humble origins, Denise’s journey has seen her travel the world, learn 5 languages (and counting) and embark on a new adventure studying aromatherapy.

Boyne Country Candles has been born from these love affairs.

“Smell is so evocative, it can at once calm me or energise me, and can so quickly evoke memories of the places I have been. I am in awe of the healing properties of flowers and wanted to use these benefits to infuse my candles, and transport the customer to another world.”