Scents Of The Season - Keep your Home Calm & Sweet Smelling This Christmas

The icy chill in the air and the twinkling lights slowly appearing in windows up and down Ireland can only mean one thing, Christmas is coming! This wonderful time of year is bursting at the seams with memories and traditions. Each of them different in every home - from the food we eat and the people we celebrate with, to the ways we celebrate and decorate. 

With traditions and memories come certain smells that remind us of this festive season. The sweet smell of pine from the Christmas tree. The nose warming aromas of mulled wine. Even the smell of certain sweets like Cadbury’s Roses and After Eight mints can take us back to well-spent Christmasses with loved ones. 

With everything that 2020 has thrown at us, Christmas this year will be a time to cherish what we hold dear, more than ever before. A few days in which we can switch off, relax and enjoy ourselves. 

Below, we have selected two of our most popular scented candles known for their relaxing and mood-enhancing health benefits. The perfect candles to help you switch off and unwind and to bring a calm cheer to your family and home this Christmas.

Mood Lifting Orange and Cinnamon Candles 

Orange and cinnamon are scents that many of us associate with Christmas already. Fruit bowls in December always seem to be packed with citrus fruits. Whilst cinnamon finds its way into cookies, hot chocolate and gingerbread, just to name a few. No wonder then that we associate them so much with food. 

What if I told you that orange and cinnamon essential oils had health benefits too? 

That’s right. Orange essential oil is loved the world over for its ability to decrease anxiety and reduce symptoms of depression. It also helps prevent illness by killing and inhibiting nasty microbes from the environment. Something many of us are anxious about this year. 

Cinnamon is another mood-enhancing essential oil that can help you relax and slow down an anxious mind. Like orange, cinnamon can help relieve symptoms of depression and is an all-round lifter of spirits. 

Combined in one wonderful blend to make our Sweet Orange and Cinnamon candle, these two oils will fill your home with a heartwarming aroma that is perfect for a cosy Christmas. Not only will your guests be delighted with the welcoming sweetness of your home, but all of your spirits will remain high. You might find that you sleep better too thanks to the insomnia preventing qualities of your new Christmas candle. 

Maybe instead of a Christmas tree scented candle this year, you will opt for a Sweet Orange and Cinnamon candle. Especially now you know how to make scented candles work for you and your health.

The Secret Health Benefits Of Eucalyptus That You Didn’t Know About 

Long associated with combating colds and clearing chests, Eucalyptus has become one of the most underrated essential oils available. It might seem like an odd choice for a home scent for Christmas, but Eucalyptus is packed with stress-fighting health benefits and comes in many varieties that all smell slightly (and wonderfully) different. 

A eucalyptus candle is an ideal choice for the home at Christmas because of its stimulating qualities. A soy wax eucalyptus candle is the perfect scent for getting the day started. The freshness that the aroma of this candle brings to a home clears the mind and can even help soothe headaches. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to avoid feeling sluggish and tired and wants a pep in their step. 

As with all of the best brands of scented candles, at Boyne Country Candles, we only use 100% pure essential oils. The eucalyptus oil that we have chosen for our candles is a light and refreshing - almost minty - eucalyptus scent. It is far from the overpowering eucalyptus

used for cold medicine and perfect for re-energising the family after a delicious home-cooked Christmas. 

Our Eucalyptus candle and our Orange and Cinnamon candle are made with organic Essential Oils and are available to buy online. 

About Boyne Country Candles 

Each Boyne Country aromatherapy candle is handmade using 100% natural soy wax, essential oils and a natural cotton wick. Our luxury candles burn cleanly, and there is no sooty smoke or toxins associated with burning the regular paraffin wax variety. 

Boyne Country Candles is based in Navan in County Meath in Ireland. It was here that owner Denise Nuytten started making soy wax candles for friends and family. Realizing that there were more people who wanted to buy handmade and healthy candles and gifts from Irish producers, Denise soon launched Boyne Country Candles. 

Denise’s love affair with travel, holistic health and aromatherapy are the inspirations behind the blends and candles that are handcrafted at Boyne Country Candles. Each candle offers different benefits and is sure to evoke - or maybe create - many a happy memory.

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