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Hands up if you love shopping? We have a theory that it’s panic and not disorganisation that sees some of us put off our shopping. The sheer weight of worrying about what to buy the people that mean the most to you. It’s a lot of pressure. 

Fear not, for below we have put together the best smelling gift guide in Ireland to help you. All available to buy online and have delivered to your door in time for Christmas. Enjoy.


Gifts for Energy 

Be it for health, happiness or general get up and go, gifts that give energy will inevitably also lift spirits. Not just because the recipient will be delighted with your choice, but because when our energy increases then endorphins are released. The body's natural chemicals for making us feel happier and more positive.

A Lemon & Lavender candle will fill a home with zesty, citrus scents. Lemon gives energy, but an essential oil candle can also aid morning sickness, cold symptoms and relieve pain. Mixed with lavender, known for it's anxiety calming qualities, this Lemon & Lavender candle is sure to delight.

Alternatively, choose our special edition Invigorating Candle. our one secret blend of essential oils, mixed especially to enhance vitality and vigour.

One of our best selling energizers is the Grapefruit Bergamot & Lime candle. Grapefruit essential oil acts as a mood balancer and can help reduce blood pressure - it's a kind of a superhero fruit! Bergamot, you don't hear of as much, but this little know fruit elevates mood and can relieve pain too. Grapefruit and bergamot are the perfect blend for an energizing candle.

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Gift Ideas For The One Who Loves To Travel (but who can’t)! 

It’s fair to say that most of us have missed travelling this year. The sun, the sand between our toes, the excitement of a plane touching down in a new country. 

We have the ideal gift choices for the loved one dreaming of travelling again or reminiscing about past adventure. Our Travel The World collection includes a selection of handmade, soy-based candles, each scented to evoke memories of those faraway places. 

For anyone dreaming of Italy’s olive groves and electric blue waters, choose our Take Me To Capri candle. An exotic blend of essential oils that will transport them to sunnier climes. 

For the adventurer that longs for India’s Ashrams or bustling cities, choose our Take Me To India exotic candle. A warm mix of spice and incense to transport them to a land of wonders.  

The Boyne Country Candles Travel The World Collection was inspired by memories of travel. They have been created from the highest quality fragrance oils and handpicked for their quality smell. When burnt these unique candles instantly transport you to far-flung places around the world. The collection includes scents of Honolulu, Paris, New York, Marbella, Jamaica and many more. Browse Collection. 


Gifts For Relaxing 

Did you know that hugs relax us? It’s true. When we hug our muscles relax, and our body releases happy chemicals (endorphins).  Hugging can also ease aches and pains and relieve depression symptoms. There has been a global shortage of hugs this year. With all the social distancing and PPE, it’s not been possible to hold our loved ones tight. The next best thing could be to give a gift that is relaxing and soothing.

Rose Geranium is loved by Yogis the world over and burns daily in meditation centers. The subtly sweet aroma of a Rose Geranium Essential Oil candle lifts away anxiety. Filling the nose and home with a light floral scent.

Perhaps you associate lemongrass with cooking? This delicious tasting and smelling herb is a wonderful addition to the home outside of the kitchen too. A lemongrass candle can relieve headaches and even migraines. The woody citrus scent helps us unwind and reduces feelings of stress.

Recent studies have found that rosemary can aid memory and reduce cortisol levels as well as a host of other health-positive benefits. It also reduces stress and worry. The combination of a Rosemary And Mint Candle creates a calming atmosphere in which to unwind and relax.

If you are still uncertain about which candle or scent your loved one would like the most, we have two helpful options. The Miniature Candle Gift Set contains three 10 cl candles, in the following fragrances: Take me to Bangkok, Honolulu, and India. Alternatively, you might like to buy them a Boyne Country Candles gift card. Both are available from our online shop.


About Boyne Country Candles

Each Boyne Country aromatherapy candle is handmade using 100% natural soy wax, essential oils and a natural cotton wick. Our luxury candles burn cleanly, and there is no sooty smoke or toxins associated with burning the regular paraffin wax variety. 

Boyne Country Candles is based in Navan in County Meath in Ireland. It was here that owner Denise Nuytten started making soy wax candles for friends and family. Realizing that more people wanted to buy handmade and healthy candles and gifts from Irish producers, Denise soon launched Boyne Country Candles.

Denise’s love affair with travel, holistic health and aromatherapy are the inspirations behind the blends and candles that are handcrafted at Boyne Country Candles. Each candle offers different benefits and is sure to evoke - or maybe create - many happy memories.

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