Take Me To ……. Greenland!

Greenland : The land of the midnight sun, Greenland’s vast and serene landscape has vibrant green valleys, towering mountains and the world’s second largest ice cap; all bathed at night by the Northern Lights. Harnessing the utter freshness this bright white candle has a clean aroma of floral top notes of jasmine, middle notes of bergamot, green melon, berries and peach; all sitting on base notes of woods, amber, and musk.
    Available in two sizes, the Bright White Candle is hand made from the highest quality fragrance oils, soy wax and a natural cotton wick.

 12.50 15.50


‘Take me to’ range of exclusive soy wax candles, have been hand made by Denise and inspired by memories of her travels. Created from the highest quality fragrance oils that have been handpicked for their quality smell, when burnt these unique candles instantly transport you to far flung places around the world.

  • 25cl – 40-45hr burn time
  • 30cl – 55-60hr burn time

25 cl, 30 cl


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