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As more and more people around the world are developing sensitivities to body-care products made up of synthetic ingredients and perfumes, they are turning to the more wholesome option of essential oils. As each oil has its own particular set of benefits, we are dedicated to making products that will enable you to reap the full benefits of these natural oils.

With this in mind, we are very excited to launch our first-ever Massage Candle! This cosmetic product is made of soy wax and natural, moisturising ingredients including shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E.

Because of the relaxing nature of hot oil massages, we knew that lavender would be the perfect scent to use in the first candle in this line. In addition to the moisturising effects of the shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E, you will also be able to experience the health benefits of nourishing lavender essential oil.

What’s so special about lavender, you ask? Well, let’s take a closer look at the benefits that stem from this powerful plant:

1. It is relaxing. Lavender essential oil is often used as an alternative to prescription medication used to treat insomnia. Studies have shown that a little lavender oil sprinkled on a pillow case at night can help relax the user and regulate sleep. You can only imagine the full relaxation effects lavender oil in combination with a hot oil massage can produce!

2. It can treat anxiety. It has been proven through many studies that lavender oil has many positive effects on the nervous system. It can help treat anxiety, depression and stress, and even headaches. Not only that, but it has even had success in helping improve cognitive function when paired with rosemary oil.

3. It can relieve pain. This oil is known to help treat various forms of pain, including muscle tension, sprains, rheumatism and more. Lavender oil has also proven successful in treating joint pain when used in massage.

4. It can heal skin. This oil has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties that have proven effective in treating acne, psoriasis, eczema, premature signs of skin aging and more. It has also been used to promote healing of sunburns, cuts, burns and other injuries related to the skin.

5. It can increase blood circulation. The health benefits here are very real in that lavender oil can help with coronary circulation. It can lower blood pressure and treat hypertension, and it has even been shown to improve brain function.

6. It can treat respiratory problems. The benefits here are many and quite real. Lavender oil can be used topically as a vapor to help treat colds, coughs, flus, throat infections and more. It can also be added to vaporizers and inhalers for deeper respiratory benefits.

7. It can encourage immunity. Because lavender oil has antiviral and antibacterial properties, frequent use can help prevent the onset of diseases like tuberculosis and diphtheria.

8. It may even be able to treat cancer! Although this has yet to be indisputably proven, the use of lavender in conjunction with other essential oils has been shown to help prevent users from contracting breast cancer.

There are so many benefits to lavender oil that we don’t have the space to talk about them all here, but we encourage you to experience the benefits for yourself!

These candles are ultra easy to use. All you have to do is light the wick, enjoy the soft light it produces and the relaxing aroma it emits. Once a pool of melted oil has developed around the candle wick, simply extinguish the flame and pour the oil directly onto the skin. The oil can be used to enhance an intimate, relaxing massage or simply as a luxurious, moisturising body treatment.

We created the Lavender Oil Massage Candle to help make you healthier, inside and out. You can get yours here:

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