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Honolulu Candles

Many think candles are just for autumn, winter, and birthday cakes, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use them during the summer, especially when they’re so fabulous they conjure up everything you love about the season from the smell of suntan lotion to images of exotic locales., which is based in Ireland and produces handmade 100% soy wax candles and wax melts, has just the candles you’re going to need for this summer season.

Honolulu Candles

Inspired by the state capital of Hawaii, the Honolulu Candles will transport you to sandy beaches, clear waters, fruit trees, and incredible views, all without you having to leave your home. The vibrant energy of Hawaii’s most populous city comes alive in this fabulous candle, and will vibe through any room in which it’s placed. A plane ticket may be expensive, but these candles definitely aren’t.

Jamaica Candles

There’s something so special about Jamaica, the island situated in the Caribbean, so it’s no wonder so many consider it a great vacation destination spot. The beauty of the beaches, the exquisite wildlife and greenery, the crystal clear blue waters, and long stretches of white sandy beaches are captured in these Jamaica Candles, so even if you can’t go to the island, you can bring the island to you.

Key West Candles

An island in Florida, Key West is all about clear blue skies, incredible environmental beauty, and a great relaxed vibe that you’ll wish you could bottle up for your own. You won’t have to, because Denise from Boyne Country Candles has done it for you in candle form. Thanks to these Key West Candles, you can bring everything you love of the city right into your home.

Beverly Hills Candles

Located in Los Angeles, California, Beverly Hills is known for high style and luxurious living, which is exactly what you’ll get with these Beverly Hills Candles, just without the high price tag. These candles are all about capturing palm trees and beautiful waters right into an item you can use every day regardless of where you make your home.


Why settle for standard candles you find in a grocery store when you can go for special, unique, and incredible, just like you. Boyne Country Candles captures everything in their product that you could desire – a beautiful scent with special properties, a low price tag, and a decorative accent that can complement almost any décor. Start your love affair today and get ready for summer.

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Alma Miranda says:

great candles!! I love the quality of this handcrafted product and they burn beautiful as are made with natural soy wax and cotton wick. So no toxins and can be used anywhere at home. for pleasant mood and ambience. good variety of aromas to choose from.
Shipping was fast. I strongly recommended

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