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Boyne Country Candles – The Natural Choice

Natural, eco friendly and handmade in Ireland, Boyne Country Candles are made from 100% soy wax, with an extensive range of evocative fragrances created by blending the finest organic essential oils.

The inspiring story of Boyne Country Candles began in the kitchen of expert candle-maker Denise Nuttyen who was passionate about using her craft to create pure and natural vegetable based candles.

100% Natural Soy Wax
In addition to the peace of mind and holistic benefits of lighting a beautifully fragranced candle, Boyne Country Candles are made from natural resources and are an investment that will benefit the environment.

This all-natural approach to candle making means that no harm is being caused to the environment. The 100% natural soy wax candles are coming from a sustainable, biodegradable, renewable resource. Making candles from soy also supports agriculture and farmers in many regions allowing them to develop local indigenous businesses.

No Chemicals
Boyne Country Candles contain no paraffin and do not emit carcinogens or soot in to the air while burning. Traditional wax candles, which are made from petroleum based paraffin have been found to contain harmful benzene and toluene, which have been identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as damaging to health. The difference with soy candles is that they will not release toxins in to the air as they burn.

Burn Longer and Cleaner
Soy wax was discovered in 1991 as a healthier alternative to paraffin
wax. A candle made from soy wax will actually burn longer than a
paraffin candle of the same size.

Boyne Country Candles have two distinct product ranges available from their studios in Ireland. The ‘Organic Range’ combines a wonderful mixture of aromatherapy candles made with organic essential oils and soy wax. The ‘Take me To’ range is an inspiring collections, designed to transport the person who lights the candle to a range of magical destinations around the world!

Organic Range
There are seven stunning fragrances in the Boyne Country Candles
Organic Range, available in two separate sizes of 25cl for €14.50 to 30cl
for €17.50. There’s a choice of Eucalyptus, Rose and Geranium, Tea
Tree and Lemon; or Lavender, Lemongrass or Lemon and Lavender. For
those that like an even more layered fragrance, there’s Grapefruit and
Bergamot Lime.

Take Me To
Who needs to clock up airmiles when you can transport yourself to your favourite locations around the world with simply the flick of a match. A candle from the novel Boyne Country Candles Take me To range will do just this for just €12.50 (25cl) or €15.50 (30cl). Close your eyes and think of Marbella, Key West, Jamaica, Honolulu or what about Acapulco, Dubai, Capri or even Beverly Hills? There is also a very popular ‘Ireland’ candle, which is a wonderful gift idea for those who want to recreate the scent of Ireland abroad with a floral blend of clover and of course green grass with hints of fresh cut wisteria.

Boyne Country Candles also stock wax tarts and tealights handmade in Ireland and a specially commissioned Lavender calendar, supporting the work of Laura Lynn, Ireland’s only Children’s Hospice.

Light up your life with a beautifully presented candle from the natural choice from Ireland – Boyne Country Candles.

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